Lone Worker

Many working environments face increasingly complex dangers; whether from equipment, natural hazards or political violence, and technology can play a key part in mitigating these risks. At Helios Global Tracking (HGT), we have met the challenge by incorporating GPS tracking technology and satellite and GSM communication with lone worker safety equipment and a feature rich mapping platform.

Information is power when it comes to effectively handling any situation and with our E-Box worker safety system you have that power at your fingertips.

Whether you are looking to monitor and communicate with assets on the ground at a desert refinery, keep lone workers in a forest safe, reduce costs by monitoring fuel usage, or even track that newly licensed teenage driver, HGT is your one stop resource for all your tracking requirements.

Our Solution

The E-Box is cutting edge proprietary technology that surpasses that of conventional lone worker safety products. Combining a suite of technologies to provide seamless communication, the EB100 and 200 Series allow for workers to be monitored continuously whether inside or outside buildings, under jungle canopy, underground, or in remote and hazardous locations anywhere on the planet.

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